Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The End of Summer or So I Thought....

A few days ago it was the perfect weather, crisp cold air, cloud coverage, and even a nightly thunder storm. I was so excited to get to wear my slouchy indian textiled sweater again, find some new boots to adorn my feet, sip coffee while working at my desk with the window slightly cracked for a cool breeze to flow in. Unfortunately this dream was short lived, today was literally the hottest day of summer. So for all those people who are so sad like me that summer seems like it's just starting up again with a vengeance enjoy my fall inspired favorites from
Made Well , Forever 21, & TopShop;

Tan Leather Patch Work Tote $190
Chambray Sunset Ex-Boyfriend Shirt $68

The Leather Writer Pump $198

Striped Sweater Dress $168

Love this Leather Jacket (not the dress!) From Forever 21 for $37.80

Tribal Bracelet $5.80

Panel Earrings $4.80
Don't forget to get your colorful jean's to spice up your fall wardrobe, add a jacket and boot's and your fall collection should be complete!

Also, go see my Pinterest page for other inspiring looks! 

Love, Jesse's Girl

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