Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Match Book Diaries Part 1

As you know I love going and discovering new treasures at flea markets, rummage sales & estate sales and a couple weeks ago I went to do a little rummaging and found a few things, a new belt for .50 cents, a small jar and lid that goes really well in my kitchen for .25 cents a vintage purse for $2.00 and one of my favorite finds to date, a big box filled with vintage and semi new match books! I would like to think that this collection has a great history, maybe some old man would collect a match book from each one of his many adventures or maybe he just smoked a lot, no telling for sure but whatever the reason I think I'm gonna add to this collection and collect a match book from my own expeditions. Anyways, as I was poring over this $2.00 find I was so inspired, each book has it's own style, some skinny, some fat, and some oddly shaped, the logos were equally inspiring and seeing the different font styles was the best part! Here is part one of The Match Book Diaries: NAMES.

The above is a fun little lay out of some match books that are all names of restaurants and stores.

This little  turtle guy isn't a name or anything I just thought it was so cute!

Jesse's Girl

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