Thursday, March 10, 2011

Guilty Pleasure, Favorite Band, & Everything In Between

Let me start off by saying that I not a huge fan of POP music, I was such a music snob at one point that I criticized a friend for having a Beyonce CD in her car, I don't even know if Beyonce is POP but I just don't dig that whole vibe.  It's funny that I would be so judgmental when I have a super minimal knowledge of music and not a very good taste myself but I did. Anyways here is my thought on my music taste as of late. Nothin special just a blurb.... ENJOY!

GUILTY PLEASURE: Currently I'm obsessed with the following------> Katy Perry, Lady GaGa & another person who I'm ashamed to fess up to so just guess. I know Jesse is pulling his hair out because every time he gets in the car I have California Gurls turned up super loud for the whole world to hear! You cant listen to this song on any one of Katy's songs and not have a smile plastered across your face and have the urge to dance!

My ALL TIME FAVORITE BAND would have to be Dave Matthews Band, again I don't know what it is about Dave but I love him! I remember the first  time I heard him when I was a kid and my brother had bought and played CRASH  [favorite song was Too Much], after that I stole the CD and kept it for my own. I don't listen to him often, but when I do get a chance to it's amazing!!! It brings back lots of memories!

EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN if your looking for something new to listen to this is what I currently enjoy: The Doors, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, (any kind of classic rock) The Beatles, Devendra Banhart, Mumford & Sons [side note: although I'm happy they are making lots of money it's a bummer they are super main stream now! I heard them on 102.7 as I was flipping through the stations! icky], The Head and The Heart, Andrew bird, Sigur Ros, Aaron Lee Martin, Radio Head, Beck, Gram parsons, Woody Guthrie, Townes Van Zandt, NICK CAVE <3, and the legendary Leonard Cohen! HANSON is good <3

Musically inspiring move ------------------------------->
this movie makes you want ALL of your music on vinyl!

People I need to thank for making this Blog possible:
Matt & Nicole for burning me my guilty pleasure mix along with one of my favorite of all favorites right now THE BLACK KEYS (brothers)<----- not a guilty pleasure , Jesse for showing me some GREATS like Mr. Cave & Cohen, & Brother Bear for buying that Dave CD back in the day!

[SPEAKING of GREAT MUSIC] check out this new upcoming band and their amazing video!!

Jesse's Girl

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