Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pretty In Pink, Purple Eye Liner, ETC.

 Pretty In Pink is a classic movie but I've never really taken the time to watch it all the way through until a couple of nights ago. It's crazy to me how fashion comes in later era's in a more refined way, usually. I'm not big on the bright blue eye shadow (that was definitely a mistake of that time) although I'm pretty keen on my purple eye liner! Anyways, as I was watching that movie it definitely stirred the created juices! I'm so happy that this time in fashion it's a little more exceptable to have your own unique style, and not have to conform to one kind of look.  I'm not saying I wouldn't go as far as wearing a MEAT DRESS like Lady GaGa but maybe I'll experiment with other accessories (I'll keep you posted with some finds). Over the years Ive learned that you should invest in a few KEY pieces of clothing, i.e. a jacket, a pair of shoes, and a trusty pair of jeans and your set! I recently invested in two pairs of shoes, one of them was from target @ $19.99 & the other was a pair of platform clogs on sale from Forever 21 for $19.00, I cant event tell you how much these two pieces have changed my wardrobe and inspired me to be more creative and bold. I hope this was a fun little read! Now go watch Pretty In Pink! Duckie is my FAVORITE!!!!

Jesse's Girl

Oh and here is another photo of my handsome husband and myself by the AMAZING artists
Mark Brooke Photographers check'em out!

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  1. I have totally been feeling the same way!!! feeling really inspired by fashion lately. love it! :)