Thursday, March 3, 2011

Textiled Style.

 I'm not a fashion columnist or even a fashion forward person, I'm pretty dorky actually but I just wanted to share my thoughts on one of my favorite looks of this past season and still love!

Some of my favorite pieces of clothes would be the ones with an Indian Textile design, I LOVE it, it's super folky and fun! I recently spotted a super cool rug at Ikea that I desperately wanted but couldn't justify spending $100 on. I adore my slouchy sweater that I purchased at H&M for $34.00 it's navy blue, light pink, and light blue , I suppose this will make up for the rug!
Anyways, the fashion world has been inundated with this type of pattern along with leather bags, fringe & feathers all last season, again another style from another era has burst on the scene and adopted as our own and like I said in a previous post, created it into own personal fashion. The perfect example of this will have to be this leather purse I found at a thrift store in my area it has little painted flowers it from the 70's, it was approximately $12.00 (purchased before forever 21 came out with the same one, not vintage I might add a year and a half later) I seriously get every women over the age of 45 commenting on it saying how they used to have the same exact one when they were my age except they always add the tag line "except I also had a belt that matched!". This was one of my favorite finds! Anyone can create a statement with just one piece they are proud of, this purse was just one of mine!

Next Season---->full of color!

It's always fun to share your most prized finds and hope to share more in the future! Hope you liked this little blurb today, I just had it on my mind!

Jesse's Girl

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