Monday, April 4, 2011

no beard, coachella, dating fun!

 I love reminiscing about the times when Jesse and I first started dating! Sitting by the lake watching the duckies, taking walks, sharing chap-stick, seeing bears in the wild, discovering new coffee shops, etc.! SO FUN! One of our funnest memories was going to Coachella, we had NO money at all but we were still having a blast sort of wishing we had some cash for some junk food or something fun. Then as as we were roaming around the huge field along with thousands of other people $15.00 starts to blow by my feet, it was so exciting to find that money, things like that rarely happen to us! We couldn't believe it! It was small example of how much God cares for us by blessing us with that $15.00! It was a super great night! Below are some fun photos from back in the day when we were dating and went to Coachella!

Jesse's cute face with out his beard! Handsome fella!


Getting ready to go see Wilco,
Beck,Coldplay and lots of other

I love this picture of Jesse and
I especially the guy in the
back ground to the right of Jesse!

Here's the line up for this year!
You never know, maybe some money
will blow our way, again!

Jesse's Girl

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