Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Typeface Tuesday has turned into Font Fun:: These are some of my favs right now!

Here are a few of my favorite font's as of late, they are fun and different and make all the difference when designing a fun little logo or invite! My favorite thing to do is sit with a client and get their vibe, inspirations, ideas & expectations going into a design project, it's the best when you are on the same page and are equally inspired by what you are creating for them! I've learned my lesson, I don't take gigs that don't inspire because then your doing the client a dis-service by not creating the best product you can and it's boring for the designer when you don't like what your creating! Anyways, hit me up if your in need of any branding for your biz, cards, invites, etc. Oh and here is TYPOLOGIE & Co.'s site for more inspiration.


Enjoy this fortune cookie fortune! I got it a LONG time ago and still have the little fortune on my fridge! 

Jesse's Girl

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