Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Quick Links :: Summer Fun :: Etc.

Here are a few of my favorite things today on [Wednesday quick links],
It’s been so sunny and warm the past couple of days and was so
inspired by summer!

I Featured artist in this post is Corey Leven, I saw him on a blog I
follow recently (design work life) and followed the link to his own
site. The minute I saw his prints I fell in LOVE, they are so

The Rompers are found at urban outfitters, as are the shoes.

*Summer Movie Recommendations:
I love Edie and Andy, their style and artistic vibe makes me happy! I
just watched Factory Girl with Sienna Miller and Guy Pierce, so if
you’re up for an entertaining movie than you should definitely take an
hour or two to watch it!

Jesse and I LOVE Jerry Seinfeld, so when Bee Movie came out we were
SOOOOOO excited! We definitely recommend watching this movie; it’ll
crack you up!!!


Blog Part  TWO:

I have been SO inspired by music lately and design combined with that
makes me even more inspired. I shared a quick link about Cory Leven
above but if you don’t have time to jump over to his site check out
one of his posters he created for The Arcade Fire (a fav of the Jesse
Husband) and The National (a fav of mine and the husband).


Jesse’s Girl

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